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Since being founded in 1996, Professional Renovation Services has served as Michigan's quintessential multi-housing specialist. For over 30 years, the PRS family has offered programs to the multi-housing industry. Beginning as Management Supply Company in the 1970's, the PRS family supplied management companies with the necessary products to keep properties functioning on a day-to-day basis. As years progressed we began seeing the growing need for renovation programs and labor services. Over the past 25 years, we have analyzed the trends, and listened closely to our customers, allowing us to better understand the renovation needs of the apartment industry.

Our philosophy revolves around customer service. What defines us, and separates us from our competitors is our ability to make ordinarily stressful renovation projects seemingly simple to ownership, management, tenants, and staff.

Our services allow management and maintenance staff the ability to focus on their daily tasks, by employing project managers who oversee all aspects of the job. Our main focus is advocating for our client, and in order to do just that, our professionals handle quoting, ordering, hiring appropriate trades, scheduling, and captaining the job to its completion.

One issue we often hear of is the exhausting task for property managers of and coordinating the necessary trades to complete a variety of jobs throughout the property. As a licensed general contractor, we find the siding, concrete, plumbing, carpentry, and electrical contractors, alleviating stress and time consumption of the properties staff.

Since our inception, PRS has focused on capital improvement projects. This includes, but is not limited to, condo conversions, full unit rehabs, code compliance work, siding, roofing, concrete work, gutter/downspout work, individual gas metering, kitchen renovations, windows, doors, drywall work, GFI installation, water heaters, laundry room repairs/ installation, and much more.

Recently, PRS has seen the rise in need for commercial build-outs. Many commercial management companies face the need for commercial turns once a new tenant signs a lease. We stand at the ready to conduct the necessary demolition, and renovation in order to allow for quick turnaround and new tenant occupancy.

We have been experiencing an increase in requests for such build-outs, and hope to expand this aspect of our renovation services daily.

We have a fulltime staff waiting to assist you and your management team, design, and conduct the perfect renovation project. It is our goal to help properties increase net operating costs, rapidly turn commercial space over, and beautify your property. Call today and one of our representatives will be glad to assist you.

It Professional Renovation Services has offered programs to the multi-housing industry for over 25 years. We began as a supplier of products and then saw the larger need of providing programs and labor services.

We understand the needs of the apartment industry, this is what uniquely sets us apart form other renovation companies.

PRS offers three basic areas of services. Unit retrieval, community upgrade programs, and property repositioning. These programs are created to meet your needs, and are aimed at helping you maximize both the net operating income of any property as well as increasing the overall value of that property.

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